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How it works!


1. Connect your wallet

Metamask wallet to connect to the app.


2. Register your .nova address

Choose your .nova address and register.


3. Use or Sale

Earn ETH for all your NFTs that you sell on OKX Marketplace

NNS Token

$NNS is a governance token specifically designed for Nova Name Service. It allows users to participate in platform governance, staking their tokens, and earn rewards.

A total of 325,000,000 NNS tokens will be claimed by those who have registered on .nova address. If you don't have a .nova address yet, register your .nova address and join the airdrop list instantly. NNS Airdrop will start simultaneously with DEX and CEX listings.

Getting started

About Nova Name Service

Nova Name Service is a decentralized naming service developed on Arbitrum Nova. Nova NS aims to provide web3 with an online identity solution that only requires a one-time payment for ownership, fair launch and distribution, and next-gen domain utility.

We will not reject any software that wants to integrate with the Nova Name Service.

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Before You Register

After You Register

Share and Earn

Instantly earn 10% ethereum from each friend's domain registration.


const web3 = new Web3(Web3.givenProvider)
// First create a web3js provider

const novaNS = new novaNS(web3)
// You are now ready for .nova

// Primary Address (Ethereum Address to Nova Name)
    // Returns the primary address registered to this address.

// Resolve Address (Nova Name to Ethereum Address) novaNS.resolveAddress("jack.nova").then(function(result){
    // Returns the resolved ethereum address of the .nova name.

    // For example, if you enter twitter in the data_type part, the result will be twitter account name.

if (result['status']) {
    // Registration Successful
} else {
    // Registration Failed

Integration with .nova is easy

Integrating .nova with your applications is as easy as writing a few lines of code. We have a web3.js API for easy use. By reviewing our library on our Github page, you can achieve the integration you want in just minutes. If you need help with setting up name service for your project, you can reach us via Twitter DM or [email protected].

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